There is a new spiritual journey… and it is outside of the church.

We need a fresh translation of Christianity. Everyone is invited to participate. I am dedicated to inspiring and equipping you for the adventure. I will provide weekly content that will facilitate your creative integration of faith into your everyday rhythm of life.

Some would call it a “magpie mind” - my indefatigable love of collecting everything I can about Christianity across space and time. My passion has only grown as I have lived in 7 countries and in the East, West, and the central United States. For much of that time, I worked within the institutional church. In the last few years, I have felt called to pull all of my experiences together to step beyond institutional structures and work with others to facilitate a fresh translation of our faith.

Every week I will provide fresh content: relevant Bible passages approached from unexpected angles, lesser-known but important stories from the last 2,000 years of Christianity and my own experiences with faith and life, all shared in the hope that they will help you as you work out your faith in your own life and make good happen. (See “The Attic” for more on this)

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I, too, have been discouraged so many times as I tried to join a community of believers, ie., become a member of a local church. I'm sure they were great institutions filled with wonderful people. But, I just couldn't make the commitment. 

Why? Because I felt more and more strongly that joining one of the local churches would lead me further from my faith. 

Rather than a deep-dive adventure into Christianity, it was more of what I grew up with except now I wasn't a kid any longer. I could see that pot luck dinners, men's pancake breakfasts, choirs and hymns and all the other traditional trappings of the church were not what I needed now. They left me wanting...and still wondering and wondering. 

Your wisdom and writing give me a viable alternative that I long for. 

Give me more. Please. 

Bill W.

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An exploration of faith beyond the church. Offering insights, tools, and shared experiences to inspire you on your spiritual journey.


Many of us are struggling with church. There is a workaround. I'm exploring Christianity beyond institutions, offering insights, tools, and shared experiences for the journey.