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Good morning Randy ~ it’s morning here in France and you have provided much food for thought with the three quotes you featured in your blog! They all have spiritual value and in many ways, I feel like I can connect with all of them. But the one that I would have to pick would be C.S. Lewis’s quote regarding our work for this world while we are here.

Years ago I attended Palm Sunday mass at Notre Dame in Paris. As I knelt there I heard a quiet voice in my heart tell me that my life was not my own. The simplicity and the truth of it startled me and I never forgot it, carrying the meaning that we are here to serve the Lord by serving others and bringing them into His kingdom. Ever since then I try to always remember that our life’s purpose is to use the time we have been given, be it long or short, to be an instrument of His love and grace to others.

Thank you for this, Randy, and God bless!

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Wow, Tara! You shared your experience in such a beautiful way. You have an amazing context to live out what you heard; I am thankful for a few chances to experience the people, the art, and the history in France, (and, being a foodie, I have to mention the incredible meals! C'était vraiment délicieux !) I wonder what opportunities you will be given to show grace and love today? I pray for many fruitful adventures.

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